Client: Penny Appeal, a global relief and development organization.

Challenge: Speed up the process of creating consistent, personalized and branded profiles of orphans for sponsorship program.

With more and more orphans getting enrolled daily in the “OrphanKind” program of Penny Appeal, the backlog for creating their branded profiles was surmounting. The profiles help share the details & interests of the child and are necessary to pique the interest of sponsors—but creating them with photoshop is a time consuming & repetitive process. The client was looking for a solution to speed up profile creation while ensuring quality and consistency.

Solution: Penny Appeal successfully transformed their cumbersome process of profile creation into a simple and robust flow powered by Hybrid Automation. The workflow leverages a mix of bots and our global Wrkforce to create personalized profiles of orphans, saving the client hours of labour, allowing them to keep up with the scale of operations and help more children in need. Penny Appeal is eager to streamline other processes using Wrk, creating even greater value, establishing cost efficiencies and enabling employees to focus on strategic initiatives.

See the full results of this case study here.

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