Client: Guiker, a high-growth online rental platform.

Challenge: Accelerate bulk home rental listings offered by property managers on the Guiker website.

With more and more large property managers, corporations and landlords signing up with Guiker, the backlog for creating their online home rental listings was mounting. Guiker’s corporate customers share the details of rental homes in Salesforce or through existing listing links from which Guiker employees have to manually extract the details and post on the Guiker website—up to 25 listings per week. Once posted, they have to add the listing’s public link, code and more back into Salesforce. The client was looking for a solution to speed up this process while ensuring 100% accuracy and consistency.

Solution: Guiker successfully transformed their time consuming process of rental listing creation into a simple and robust flow powered by Hybrid Automation. The Wrkflow leverages a mix of bots and our global Wrkforce to create rental listings on Guiker site using information from Salesforce and update the posting information back into Salesforce. Hybrid automation helped save the client hours of labour, allowing them to keep up with their scale of operations, establishing cost efficiencies and enabling employees to focus on strategic initiatives.

See the full results of this case study here.

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