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An overview of the Data Library

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Every Wrk Action can have inputs and outputs. You can see the inputs and outputs of a Wrk Action by clicking the info icon on the side panel.

When a Wrk Action has an output value, it is stored for later use in the Data Library. Once an output of a Wrk Action has been added to the Data Library, it can be used as an input to subsequent Wrk Actions that are connected to it.

For example, if you were to copy a presentation template using “Copy file in Google Drive”, you would have the link to that copied template as the output “Copied file link”. You can then use that output for any connected Wrk Action that requires a link to a Google Slides presentation to update your copied template.

You can access the data library for any input in a Wrk Action. For all except “Text (long)” types, you can access the data library simply by clicking on the “database” icon.

Note that you will only see outputs from previous wrk actions that match the type of the input, so showing the data library on a “Link” input will only show “Link” outputs from previous wrk actions. You can only select one value from the Data Library for these fields and you cannot add any additional text to the field.

For “Text (long)” fields, you can write multiple values from the data library and include additional text. There is no “database” icon for those fields. Instead, you call the Data Library by typing the “{'' character twice in quick succession. More information can be found here about configuring these fields:

You can search in the data library using the name of the Wrk Action, the name of the Output, or the number of the Wrk Action in your Wrkflow. After finding the output you want to add, simply click on it to add it to your configuration. Press “Confirm” to save the configuration afterwards.

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