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Explaining the causes of errors during Wrkflow launches

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After a Wrkflow has been launch, an error may occur while the Wrkflow is running. This article explains the types of errors that can occur, the behavior of the system when errors occur and the reasons why they occur.

How do I know there is an error?

From the Wrkflow Management page, a visual indicator is displayed besides the Wrkflow that has an error in one or more of its launches. Below is a view of the Wrkflow on the Wrkflow Management page showing a visual indicator that an error has occurred.

Wrkflow with an error

To view the specific launch where the error occurred, go to the launch list page by clicking on the Wrkflow menu (3 dots) then view your launches. On the launch list page, the visual indicator for errors will be shown besides the specific launch.

List of launches showing one launch with an error

What should I do if there is an error?

An error with a launch doesn't necessarily mean that it has failed. The effect and tolerance for an error is highly dependent on the objective of the Wrkflow. The Wrk automation platform will try to execute a Wrkflow to completeness even when error occurs.

For example, if a Wrkflow is capturing an email address on every row in a Google Sheet and 1 out of 1000 of the emails in the Google Sheet is not an email address - in this case, the execution of the Wrkflow will continue for the remaining 999 email addresses; they will be captured and will continue with the rest of the Wrkflow, while 1 will fail. The launch status will show it's completed with an error.

The Wrk platform will however pause the launch when 3 or more errors occur. You have the choice to continue the launch by resuming the launch or take action to eliminate the cause of the error. When the launch is resumed, it will continue where it left off. The system will pause the launch again if 3 or more errors occur again.

When an error occurs, you will receive a message via the system's chat (and email if you are offline) with the error message. Wrk will attempt to fix errors where possible or provide guidance on how to fix it where Wrk is not able to.

The causes of Wrkflow launch errors

Causes of Errors


Wrkflow misconfiguration

The Wrkflow design is incomplete or impossible to execute. The design issue may be in the sequence of the Wrk Actions or in the configuration of a Wrk Action within the Wrfklow.

E.g: Using the Wrk Action to "Retrieve company logo from Crunchbase" which expects a URL of a profile on Crunchbase such as https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wrk-c8d8 but was instead provided https://www.abc.com which has nothing to do with Crunchbase.

Incorrect launch parameters

The data provided to launch a Wrkflow is incorrect.

E.g: The Wrkflow that interfaces with a system such as Intercom and expecting an access token at launch. However the Wrkflow was launched with something other than an access token.

External resource is unavailable

An external resource is needed to complete a Wrfklow launch is not available.

E.g: The Wrkflow is trying to interface with a website that is not managed or controlled by Wrk. However the website is not responding.

Common causes that are outside of Wrk's control are:

  • the external resource is undergoing maintenance

  • the external resource is having performance issues and not responding

In those cases, the Wrk platform will retry a few times before considering that the resource is unavailable.

Connected Account issue

The provided Connected Account that is required to access another platform or resource in the course of a Wrkflow launch, is failing. Common causes are:

  • The provided Connected Account expired or was disabled

  • The provided Connected Account does not have all the scope/permission required to perform the tasks

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