2023-01-27 Updates
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New Features:

  • Updated ways to Search for a Wrk Action
    Search for a Wrk Action based on your business outcome. Search what you're looking for in a business outcome, such as "people insights", and you'll find Wrk Actions such as "Retrieve profile details”. To learn more about how to search for Wrk Actions, visit this article here.

New Wrk Actions:


  • Replace text in Google Slides - Find and replace all instances of matching text in a Google Slides presentation.

  • Replace text in Google Docs - Find and replace all instances of specific text in Google Docs.

Image and video-based

  • Edit image size - Resize an image to the provided width and/or height. If only one of the measurements are provided, the other will be adjusted based on the ratio of the image.

  • Edit image orientation - Edit the orientation of the provided image, ensuring that its contents are upright and its text is readable from left to right.

  • Edit image colour scheme - Convert the colour scheme of a provided image to grayscale or black and white.

  • Replace image in Google Docs - Replace images in a Google Docs document that match a specific image alt text tile with a new image. The source of the new image can be a link or an existing image within the Wrkflow data library.

  • Verify if website contains images - Verify if the body of a website contains one or more images. *Advertising images, social media logos, and small logo images in general are not included.

  • Verify if website contains videos - Verify is a website contains one or more videos that can be watched or downloaded. *Advertising videos are not included.

  • Verify quality of an image - Verify whether a provided image file or link fulfils a specific quality criteria such as: clarity, orientation, colour, etc.

    Looking for a Wrkflow image-based idea? Check out this sample Wrkflow below!


  • Retrieve bulk backlink analysis - Retrieve backlink analysis, describing traffic from other websites to the provided domains.

  • Retrieve domain from link - Extract the domain from a given link.

  • Retrieve links from text - Retrieve a list of links from the provided text. Links retrieved can start with “http” or “www.“, can contain a domain suffix such as “.com”, .“org”, “.net”, “.ca”, and cannot contain spaces between words or characters.

  • Retrieve entry information from Gravity Forms - Retrieve details regarding a specific entry on Gravity Forms.


  • Retrieve company filing from the SEC - Retrieve a company’s filing link from the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

  • Retrieve date and time - Use this to retrieve a current date and time in whichever time zone you specify when, for example, comparing the logic between this information and a previous date and time.

  • Calculate date - Calculate date by adding or subtracting days, weeks, months, or years from a reference date.


  • Wrkflows on the Dashboard are now sorted by “Last Edited” in descending order.

  • Wrkflow status “Unsaved” now only appears when edits are made to Wrkflows.

  • Pause/unpause runs by using the 3 dot menu under Actions in the Runs page. To learn more about Wrkflow status run types, visit this article here.

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