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2023-10-13 Wrk Action Updates
2023-10-13 Wrk Action Updates

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  • Filter: WAS Team

  • Date Range: 2023-10-06 - 2023-10-13

  • Total Resolved Issues: 14

Create or Update Wrk Action

  • WASR-609: Create: Generate a response with GPT-4 8k

  • WASR-574: Create: Retrieve all text from a document

  • WASR-528: Fix WA: Google PageSpeed - Retrieve web page speed - Returning ITC incorrectly

  • WASR-523: [Replace keyword in text] - delivery method and unit price need to be updated

  • WASR-426: Error Msg Improvement: Textract - Query document

Wrk Action Bug

  • SUP-1198: BusinessWire - Retrieve press release details bot is always giving ITCs

  • SUP-1197: Hide the CA Enabled Google Drive WAs from Library WFs - Preprod client

  • SUP-1193: Fix WA: Google Sheets - Retrieve data - Bot Rate Limit ITC errors

  • SUP-1192: Slack - React to Message | Job occasionally ITCs despite the message having been reacted to

  • SUP-1182: Perform an API call in HubSpot (Admin Scope) is missing scopes

  • SUP-1179: Bot error: Job: Text - Extract links

  • SUP-1177: Convert format of date or time - Unix timestamp error

  • SUP-1168: FixWA: Slack - React to a message

  • SUP-1080: Non-unique configuration variable names in Zendesk wrk actions

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