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2023-10-20 Wrk Action Updates
2023-10-20 Wrk Action Updates

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  • Filter: WAS Team

  • Date Range: 2023-10-13 - 2023-10-20

  • Total Resolved Issues: 20

Create or Update Wrk Action

  • WASR-589: Update: Perform an API Call in X - Ability to download files

  • WASR-572: Update: Retrieve text based on regex pattern

  • WASR-333: Update: Update a cell in Google Sheets to optionally update a range of cells

  • WASR-330: Update: Download file from Google Drive

Wrk Action Bug

  • SUP-1208: Copy File in Google Drive | Intermittently ITCing despite access being granted to destination folder

  • SUP-1207: Retrieve values from JSON returning value as "None" when I would expect it to be "No Result"

  • SUP-1206: Fix WA: Shortened URL 2009 - Create a shortened URL - Returning ITC in some cases

  • SUP-1204: Search for news articles

  • SUP-1203: Replace String in text - No Result returns no text

  • SUP-1202: [Blackbaud - Search constituent profiles] | Job ITCs if email field returned isn't email format

  • SUP-1201: Update Google OAuth Scopes

  • SUP-1200: All Apollo WAs

  • SUP-1199: Perform an API Call in HubSpot - Pagination will timeout

  • SUP-1185: Fix WA: Salesforce - Update field value - Returning ITC under certain conditions

  • SUP-1181: Fix WA: Semrush - Retrieve authority score - Returning ITC

  • SUP-1153: Retrieve a table from a document - Missing line items.

  • SUP-1099: Fix: IDP - Retrieve basic billing document details


  • API-62: Perform an API call in Notion - Generic Http Request WA

  • API-61: Perform an API call in Notion - Bot Implementation


  • API-57: Perform an API call in Notion

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