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2023-11-03 Wrk Action Updates
2023-11-03 Wrk Action Updates

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  • Filter: WAS Team

  • Date Range: 2023-10-27 - 2023-11-03

  • Total Resolved Issues: 19

  • Create or Update Wrk Action

  • - WASR-628: Edit cell value in Google Sheets | Column letter example given is "Column3"
    - WASR-626: Create: Perform an API call in Asana
    - WASR-623: Retrieve Risk Factors from an SEC Document
    - WASR-614: Retrieve SEC Financial Document Details
    - WASR-599: Create: Identify specific page in a document
    - WASR-596: Create: Fill out an online form
    - WASR-593: Call to inform
    - WASR-587: Retrieve continuous text from a file
    - WASR-570: Update: Perform an API call in Salesforce - Add pagination
    - WASR-406: Create New Wrk Action: Retrieve file property details

  • Wrk Action Bug:
    - SUP-1231: Retrieve data from a website
    - SUP-1230: Fix WA: Retrieve person profile details from Apollo - Returning ITC for self serve user
    - SUP-1227: Make output keys of "Retrieve lead contact details" unique based on conventions
    - SUP-1221: Multiple ITCs for Zoominfo lead contacts details - possibly rate limit related
    - SUP-1219: Fix: Verify Web Page is Online | Link in jdef always redirects to an invalid page
    - SUP-1218: fix wa: Copy file in Google Drive -> unable to complete the request: Permission Error
    - SUP-1216: Retrieve data from a website | Invalid websites should output a 23 status
    - SUP-1215: Update token in Eloqua Wrk Actions
    - SUP-1210: Query a document using natural language - Allow multi-page queries

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