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How do I remove a Wrk Action from a Wrkflow?
How do I remove a Wrk Action from a Wrkflow?

A walk-through on how to delete and disconnect a Wrk Action from an existing Wrkflow.

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During the course of building a Wrkflow you may be required to disconnect and/or delete a Wrk Action.

To disconnect Wrk Actions, you can select the connection tab of your choice and drag the tab away from your Wrk Actions and release your mouse as shown in the example below:

You can also selectively delete a Wrk Action and its connected children Wrk Actions as shown below:

Or you can choose to delete just one Wrk Action and leave the connected children. This is handy when you want to swap out a particular Wrk Action with another without deleting any remaining connected Wrk Actions in your Wrkflow sequence.

Disconnect the Wrk Action to be deleted from any subsequent children Wrk Actions first, then delete the Wrk Action, next drag the new Wrk Action to the Designer Grid, and reconnect your previous Wrk Action and also the next Wrk Actions in your sequence as needed. See the example below:

If you accidentally drag a connection tab onto itself, it may cause an infinite loop.

To solve this, you would need to select the appropriate connection tab that is looping on itself, drag it away from the Wrk Action, and release it to disconnect.

You may have to drag the appropriate connection tab twice if you have another connection to a Wrk Action next in your sequence. Once the infinite loop is removed, simply reconnect the connection tab to the corresponding Wrk Action next in your sequence as shown below:

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