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2023-11-10 Wrk Action Updates
2023-11-10 Wrk Action Updates

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  • Filter: WAS Team

  • Date Range: 2023-11-03 - 2023-11-10

  • Total Resolved Issues: 9

  • Create or Update Wrk Action:
    - WASR-620: Launch API V2 | ChallengeU | Duplicate JTs needed
    - WASR-410: Update existing Wrk Action: Retrieve row count from Excel
    - WASR-408: Update existing Wrk Action: Retrieve data from Excel
    - WASR-407: Update: Retrieve data from a row in Excel

  • Wrk Action Bug:
    - SUP-1240: Fix: Send Wrkflow email notification | WF Name in preview is wrong
    - SUP-1239: Create issue in Jira - Wrong category
    - SUP-1234: Convert date and time format produces wrong result
    - SUP-1217: Generate a response with ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo 16K | Prompts not being truncated
    - SUP-1213: Perform an API Call in X + HTTP Request - UTF-8 encoding

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