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2023-10-27 Wrk Action Updates
2023-10-27 Wrk Action Updates

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  • Filter: WAS Team

  • Date Range: 2023-10-20 - 2023-10-27

  • Total Resolved Issues: 8

  • Create or Update Wrk Action

  • WASR-621: Update: Perform API Call in Gmail Scope - Remove

  • WASR-597: Create: Match two pieces of information

  • WASR-590: Create: Retrieve data from a website

  • WASR-571: Update: Perform an API call in Slack - Add pagination

  • WASR-467: Update Generic API WA job pages to display all inputs (endpoint, headers, body, etc)

  • WASR-305: Slack

  • Wrk Action Bug

  • SUP-1214: Perform an API Call in QuickBooks Online - Missing Application

  • SUP-1212: Hubspot HTTP request with autopagination is not completing

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