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Building my first Wrkflow
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In this article, we will build a simple 'Hello World' Wrkflow.

Start by creating a new Wrkflow by going to the Wrkflow Library > Design my own

This will bring you to an empty canvas on which a Wrkflow is designed.

Name your Wrkflow

Click on the title and type in "My first Wrkflow"

Setup a launch parameter

Click on the rocket icon. This action will open up the Launch Configuration on the right side panel.

Click on the "data type" drop down and choose "Text (short)"

Type in "My Name" in the text field to the right of the drop down, then press the "+" button.

This will add your first launch parameter. Next click "Confirm" to save it. This will close the Launch Configuration side panel.

Add a Wrk Action

After saving the launch parameter, the side panel will display the Wrk Action library. Use the search field and type in "console". This will filter Wrk Actions that match your search criteria.

Drag and drop the "Send to Launch Console" onto the canvas right below the rocket icon.

Using the small dot below the rocket icon, drag and drop it to the newly added Wrk Action.

This will create a line between the launch icon to the Wrk Action.

Configure a Wrk Action

Click on the Wrk Action "Send to Launch Console". This will open up the Wrk Action configuration on the right side panel.

Fill in the following fields in the side panel:

Choose "Info" for the "Notification Type"

Type in the following text in the "Notification Content" field

In the same field, keep typing {{ . This will invoke the Data Library which allows you to get information from the launch parameters or a previous Wrk Action.

Click on the "Launch configuration - My name", which was the launch parameter that we have saved previously. Your Wrk Action configuration should look like this:

Click Confirm to save your Wrk Action configuration. Once a Wrk Action has been properly configured, it will turn blue on the canvas denoting that it's ready.

Save your Wrkflow

Our simple Wrkflow is now ready. Click on the "save" button on the top right

Let's launch it

You can now launch your Wrkflow by clicking on 'Launch". In the field "My name", type in your name and accept the terms and conditions, then click on the Launch button.

This will open up the Launch Console and display the output of the Wrkflow.

Congratulation. You have build your first Wrkflow!

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