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2023-11-17 Wrk Action Updates
2023-11-17 Wrk Action Updates

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  • Filter: WAS Team

  • Date Range: 2023-11-10 - 2023-11-17

  • Total Resolved Issues: 12

Create or Update Wrk Action

  • WASR-653: Create: Update a row of data in Google Sheets

  • WASR-652: Retrieve data from Google Sheets - Add "Row number" as an output

  • WASR-649: Perform an API Call in X and Retrieve Data from website - Add Fields to Capture

  • WASR-647: Update Google Suite Scopes

  • WASR-645: Create: Perform an API call in Airtable

  • WASR-595: Create: Retrieve data from a website (Human)

  • WASR-409: Update existing Wrk Action: Search value location in Excel Worksheet

Wrk Action Bug

  • SUP-1259: Perform an API Call in X and Retrieve Data from website - Fields to Capture Bug

  • SUP-1256: Getting error page when trying to connect Airtable account

  • SUP-1247: Google CA Scopes are missing from Prod

  • SUP-1242: Fix WA: File - File - Retrieve file properties - reserved job not being completed.

  • SUP-1237: Retrieve lead contact details requires striping characters and encoding

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